About Scott Michael Graves


My Experience

Scott Michael Graves is Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences’ Department of the Environment, Geography, and Marine Sciences where he specializes in Coastal Geomorphology and Oceanography research (previously worked for the US Geological Survey as Oceanographer) and teaches both geography and environmental science courses.  Dr. Graves earned a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho, an M.S. (ABD) in Marine Geophysics/Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island, and a B.S. from the University of California at Santa Cruz in Earth Sciences. 


My Recent sUAS Research & Teaching

Dr. Graves has extensive experience in small Unmanned Aerial Systems (µUAS/drone) flight operations and overthe past five years, has engaged in µUAS/drone aerial imaging and mapping, employing Structure from Motion software to create digital surface models and orthomosaics of landscapes, seascapes, and other phenomena from the microscopic to hectare-size scapes.  Dr. Graves has supervised multiple Graduate Students whose Masters’ Degree Capstone was directly related to µUAS/drones. Dr. Graves has worked with colleagues in Journalism (Vern Williams) to co-create a Drone Application Minor program for undergraduates which includes a Basic Drone Applications course. Dr. Graves has co-taught the Drone Applications course with Journalism instructors in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. In the Autumn of 2019 We opened our first Drone Academy at Southern Connecticut State University. Participants included Local area Fire and Law Enforcement, City Facilities Managers, and Professional Photo/Videographers. 


Visit Osprey-smg.com for more on my sUAS consulting.

Through Osprey-smg.com I'm a FAA Part 107 Certified/licensed Commercial UAS/drone Pilot.  I teach sUAS/drone applications, aerial photo/videography and landscape mapping/modeling, as well as FAA Part 107 test preparation at my university. What inspires me to keep shooting photos for mapping and other tasks is the unique perspective of the Osprey - low altitude aerial reconnaissance/hunter.